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Tips for Proper Posture While Sitting in an Office Chair

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Discover a few tips to improve your posture while you are at work.

The right posture makes all the difference when you are spending long days at the office. Poor posture can lead to numerous problems, including lower back pain, wrist pain, tightness in your shoulders, and neck pain. While your office chair can help to encourage proper posture, it can’t do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Set Yourself Up for Success

If you work a traditional desk job, you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. To avoid posture problems, you should make sure that your workplace is conducive to back health. Select an ergonomic office chair that allows you to sit with your feet on the floor and a sufficient level of lower back support. The investment that you make in an office chair will pay you back over the years by preventing lost productivity as a result of back pain and sick days.

Adjust Your Monitor

If you are staring down at a laptop all day, you are setting yourself up for a whole lot of back trouble. The ideal height of your monitor should allow you to look straight ahead, without craning your neck or slouching down. By changing the angle that you are looking at your monitor from, you can naturally correct a lot of posture issues and survive sitting in an office chair. You should also make sure that your keyboard is underneath the monitor for natural typing. Your chair should remain at least an arm’s length away from your monitor (adjusted if you have any special concerns or progressive lenses).

Check Your Keyboard

The keyboard is another hidden culprit behind poor posture in an office chair. Your keyboard should sit right in front of your body, and relatively close to your body. You should keep your keyboard at a height and position where your elbows are in an open position, and your wrists and hands are in a straight line.

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