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How to Reduce Back Pain in an Office Chair

Avoid back pain while sitting in an office chair at work.

Avoid back pain while sitting in an office chair at work.

While many office chairs provide the support and adjustability that many office workers need to be comfortable throughout the day, sometimes fatigue and back pain are inevitable. People who work in offices often spend many hours a day in a seated position, causing many aches from being in the same position for an extended period. Here’s a guide for how you can reduce back pain while sitting in an office chair.

Make Adjustments

Your first defense in combating back pain and muscle aches while sitting in an office chair is to adjust it to your body’s specifications. This process will probably take a few tries to find your perfect custom level. Rest your hands on your computer’s keyboard to give yourself an idea of where your elbows would fall on the armrests, then adjust them accordingly. Next, with your lower back pressed against the base of the seat and back of the chair, you should feel flexible and able to move forward and side by side freely. Finally, with your head facing directly forward, your eyes should be directed at the center of your computer screen, giving you full visibility without the need to strain your neck or upper back.   

Stay Active

Reduce the aches and pains of sitting in an office chair by staying active. Regardless of how good your posture is, being stagnant for a long period of time will cause you to feel stiff and achy. Periodically, remember to stand, stretch, and even take a walk inside your office or outside of the building. It’s important to promote blood flow by choosing times throughout the day to be active. Increase your water intake and choose heart-healthy foods to combat lethargy.

Consider Alternatives

If you are someone that suffers from chronic pains or other joint problems, it may be beneficial to consider alternative office chair choices. There are options available for ergonomic office chairs, kneeling chairs, or even an exercise ball. These alternatives are focused on promoting good posture and activating muscles groups that you normally wouldn’t use when seated in a traditional office chair. The best course of action to find what works best for your body is through trial and error. Use one of these options and make the necessary adjustments based on your comfort level.   

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