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How To Design An Office That Millennials Will Enjoy

Office Space

Learn how to design your office to accommodate your millennial employees.

When designing any office space, it is critical that you keep in mind everyone’s needs especially your millennial employees.  According to the Pew Research Center, millennials make up the largest proportion of the workforce with more than 53 million millennial employees in the United States.  Since more and more millennial will be coming out of college and into your company, it is critical that you make your office a productive space for them.  There are just a few simple ways to design your office so that your millennial employees will enjoy it.  

Collaboration and Communication

When implementing an office design aimed at your millennial employees, keep in mind that they work differently than other generation groups.  Millennial employees thrive on interaction and collaboration with their coworkers.  Keeping them in individual cubicles is limiting their potential and causing them to be unproductive.  You should create a communal space where your employees can come together and express their ideas on a project.  Now your employees have a chance to brainstorm and improve their initial project.

Bring Light In

Natural light is beneficial to everyone because it improves mood and energy level of employees.  Millennial employees want to work in a natural, open environment where they do not feel claustrophobic.  So it is critical that you create an open space with enough windows to let natural light into the office.  If you have to use indoor lighting, then choose incandescent bulbs over fluorescent ones because they are linked to causing headaches and migraines.

Minimalism is Key

It is critical to decrease clutter and create an open work environment when designing your office layout.  Create workspaces for your millennial employees with simplicity in mind including small devices and wireless technology.  Focus on creating a clean and well put together workspace for your millennial employees.

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