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How to Design an Office Space That Maximizes Happiness

Office Space

An office space can be designed with employee happiness in mind.

You might think that the modern emphasis on workplace wellness, and the fact that more than $6 billion has been spent on it would ensure a happier workforce, but this is far from the case. In fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, over half of workers are not are not engaged at work at all. Less than a third reported being engaged at all. Many believe that we can increase happiness in employees and make them more engaged with a rethought approach to office space design.  

Add Movement

It’s no secret that most of the American workforce spends most of the day seated, and that this is actively killing us. Designed to hunt, gather, sow, reap, and move, we are now largely chained to desks thanks to changes in society and technology. In fact, thanks to the internet and a number of apps, it’s possible to do almost everything you need to do to survive without moving. A workplace which enables walking, sitting, and standing, with different types of desks and furniture is ideal for this.

Keep It Natural

Exposure to natural light is good for us, and the constant artificial glow of our screens is not so good. Artificial lighting can actually interrupt sleep patterns and cause other health issues. Make use of natural materials and plants, and let in as much natural light as possible for an engaged and healthy workforce.  

Mix It Up

People need interaction to stay inspired and awake, but they also need ample alone time to get things done. Most people need a healthy mix of both to be at their best, and yet most offices don’t cater to that. Many places either foster isolation or have many people working on top of each other in a small space, which can actually contribute to exhaustion and errors. An office space which has both places for both collaborative effort and solitude will do best.

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