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Office Design Trends Dominating 2017

Office Design

We’ve seen a lot of innovative office design trends in 2017, here are some of our favorites.

Office design trends are changing constantly.  Choosing the right pieces and arranging them just right can have a huge impact on employee morale and productivity.  As more and more young people enter the workforce, management personnel should attempt to find pieces that provide a welcoming environment and a nice place to work.  Here are a couple things managers should look for.

Versatile Furniture

Not everyone has the same exact needs every single day.  Different projects will require different things.  Movable and adjustable furniture in your office design allows employees to change a room to suit their needs.  If there’s a project that will benefit from teamwork, they can push some tables together.  If they need to have a private conversation, they can move a couple of chairs to a corner.  Fostering a sense of camaraderie between employees can be hugely beneficial to your business.  Good office design can help you achieve this.

Keep it Environmentally Friendly

Now more than ever, people are focusing on being more environmentally conscious.  It is easy to integrate this consciousness into your office design.  Find companies that try to use sustainably sourced products.  Bring in some plants.  If you have space, you can even create a living wall.  This will not only be a beautiful, eye-catching design element, the plants will help keep the air clean.

Integrated Technology

Technology is an important part of business.  There are entire industries that would just be impossible without it.  Therefore, tying that technology into your office design is a must. A lot of today’s workforce has been using various forms of technology since they were very young.  This is a huge advantage to your business.  If employees are working on laptops or tablets, you can create lounge areas with comfortable seating where employees can either work separately or collaborate.

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