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Benefits of an Open Office Layout

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Discover the benefits of an open office layout!

Office design faces some unique challenges, including the need to encourage productivity, provide comfort for employees, and boost morale all at the same time. A short time ago, cubicles became a big trend and are still in use in many offices today. However, there are many businesses that have been looking into implementing an open office plan. Check out some of the benefits that come with an open office layout.


When you take the walls away in a business, you’ll find that employees have the opportunity to communicate and collaborate more. With multiple people working in a shared space, it increases the likelihood that ideas will be shared, and questions will be asked. It’s true that technology has made it simpler to communicate with people around the world, but there are still unquestionable advantages to being able to communicate uninterrupted and face to face.

Relationship Building

Walls can be intimidating, and it’s sometimes difficult for people to get up the nerve to knock on someone’s office door, especially if that person has a higher title than they do. Open office layouts encourage more group participation and make it much easier to walk up to a coworker and start a dialogue. It also helps coworkers get to know each other better, which can boost the overall positivity and productivity in the office.

Reduced Costs

With an open office layout, there’s much less to maintain, construct, and repair. Open plans use furniture and other unique ways to create private work spaces for employees without using walls and cubicles. This plan helps save money especially in terms of heating, cooling, and electricity costs.

Future Flexibility

Who knows what the future holds for your business and the space that you currently occupy. Many companies lease a floor in a commercial building, or the entire building. An open office provides greater flexibility in the future for making changes as your business continues to evolve and expand. They are more economical and adaptable.

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