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What Office Colors to Use

If you want to improve the moral of your employees and put customers at ease, selecting new office colors can produce positive longer-term effects.

You can’t just slab any color of paint on the wall, however, as colors send a subliminal message and are part of the factors of a client establishing a first impression. You want to find establish the right message with the color of your office.


Office Colors & Meanings

When deciding on a color for your office, it really depends what type of business you are in. If you are in a more traditional or corporate environment such as a law firm, you won’t want any extreme styles. Beiges and creams are more natural, and even though that may be considered boring, it is safer than bright pink.

For companies looking to convey honesty, loyalty, conservatism and security, blue is a perfect color. Blue works well for any business trying to establish trust with a client. Choosing green as the color of your office will create a calming effect, and dark green can indicate wealth and prestige. If you are in a very serious corporate environment, navy blue and burgundy can establish a message of control and confidence.

Again, picking the right color depends on what type of setting you are in, and what you are trying to convey to employees and clients.

Colors for the Reception or Waiting Area

You want your client to feel welcome when they first enter your business, and painting the reception or waiting area a peach color will make your customers feel appreciated and welcomed. A light yellow can also make the reception area seem more cheerful, and a pink color is associated with indulgence.

Colors for the Office

When it comes to creating a productive environment, the color of an office can greatly affect productivity. Since blue and green colors suggest a calming effect, your employees may feel a little too comfortable within the office. Colors such as orange and a small amount of red can help increase the energy, but too much red is associated with anger and hostility. You need to find the right balance.

Sprucing Up the Office


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