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Does the Office need a Break Room?

Break-RoomWhen we think of an office, there are a few features we automatically consider. We know there will be larger offices for superiors, smaller cubicle or offices for team members, and a conference room to conduct meetings. However, there is one room that some companies are considering to eliminate from their office floor plan. Some businesses are beginning to believe that the break room has become more of a distraction than a benefit for the workplace, so they are removing the break room from their office space. However, they are failing to realize the benefits that a break room can bring to the office.

Break Room Benefits

  • Increase in Productivity- An office break room is actually known to help increase the productivity of staff members rather than harm productivity when used properly. The break room is a quiet area for your team members to take moment and disengage from their work. Sitting in one place for the complete duration of the work day can decrease focus and job satisfaction, which can have a negative effect on productivity.
  • Promotes Socializing- Team members who participate in a break at the same time have the chance to catch up and form healthy work relationships in the break room. While some may worry about office gossip, it is important to support and encourage socialization among your team to help with collaboration and morale.
  • Specific Characteristics- A break room shouldn’t only be a couch or table placed in a small room. A break room should be a space where team members can relax and prepare food in the middle of their work day. Because of this, your break room should include a microwave, refrigerator, food and drink items, and paper utensils to help fit the needs of your team.
  • Peace of Mind- Work can become stressful over the course of a day. A break room is a safe area for team members to step back from their frustrations and refocus on the rest of their tasks ahead. Without this safe area, you could be faced with very frustrated and unhappy team members.


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