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Choosing Furniture for your Home Office

Home-OfficeWith some businesses, team members have the ability to work from home throughout the week. Because of this option, team members will be in the need of a home office. While some may think that simply using a laptop while sitting on the couch constitutes a home office, it is important to identify a specific area of your home to dedicate towards a home office.

There are a number of different types of home office options for your home. It depends on how large your home is and in what environment you thrive best. A common home office that can be found is the standalone, which is an office that has been built specifically for your home. Another home office that can be commonly found is the attic or basement office.

Once you have determined where you home office will be located, you can begin to purchase the furniture for your home office. You will need a desk and chair to conduct your work in. You will also need a file cabinet or book shelf to store your paper work and office supplies in as well. Choose furniture that will fit comfortably within your space. Choosing furniture that is too large for the available space could cause your home office to become cramped and cluttered. Choose furniture that also matches the décor and colors within your home office to create a cohesive and uniform look.

You should also consider if you will be seeing clients at your home office. If this will be the case, your home office will need a comfortable chair or couch to host guests in. These pieces of furniture should also match the rest of your home office to create a professional atmosphere.


At Mark Downs Office Furniture, we specialize in new and used furniture to help turn your office into a collaborative space for your employees. From desks, to ergonomic chairs, to conference room tables, Mark Downs has everything you need to create a comfortable and welcoming work environment for your employees.

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