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3 Office Design Trends

Finding effective ways to increase employee productivity, comfort, and satisfaction at work are three subjects that remain at the forefront of every business manager’s mind. As with every other industry, each year new emerging trends come to the surface, and that includes office design. Office design trends often involve new ways to communicate, share ideas, and blur the lines between traditional offices and innovative, unconventional layouts. Here are three of the top office design trends currently making waves in many office buildings.

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Discover a few of the latest office design trends!

Collaborative Spaces

We’re seeing a decrease in the number of office spaces designed with closed offices, walls, and doors that separate employees from each other. Instead, there has been a rise in office layouts that feature couches, beanbag chairs, booths, and other unconventional spaces where professionals can work and share ideas. The most important aspect of this trend is the flexibility it provides. Having these options takes the monotony out of going to work everyday and can even lead to an increase in creativity, employee satisfaction, and productivity. These spaces give employees more choice in working alone or quickly sharing ideas amongst one another, without the need to reserve conference rooms or travel from one side of the building to the next.

Recharging Your Batteries

We don’t just use smartphones and tablets for our personal communication; these devices have become central to the way we operate and conduct business. Therefore, it’s important that we always have access to these devices when we need them. An important office trend is incorporating charging spaces to make sure that they are always available and ready for use. These may include panels located on office chairs, under desks, and other convenient locations that allow us to continue working while the devices charge.

Textures and Finishes

Biophilic office designs incorporate the concept of bringing the outdoors inside. As humans, we are naturally drawn to natural materials like wood and stone. Therefore, incorporating these materials into office designs creates more visual interest. The higher the variety, the better. These designs often include cement surfaces, natural finishes, and other combinations of wood, textiles, metals, and stone.

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