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How to prepare your office for holiday parties

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It’s office holiday party season. How will you make your office more welcoming to employees and clients? Having an inviting office design and comfortable furniture is one of the many ways you can yield more sells and have a more productive staff of workers. Get away from the traditional office cubicle work-space setting and spice it up with collaborative work-spaces.

Having more transparency in the office right before the holidays will help your workers experience a more pleasant office atmosphere. In fact, studies have revealed that closed offices and tall cubicle work-spaces increase feelings of stress and anxiety in the office than open office space.

With collaborative work-spaces you will see employees improving their work communication, customer retention and most importantly you’re their physical well-being.

To prepare your office for fun filled holiday parties, complete the following actions:

  1. Purchase a stylish receptionist desk and practice a greeting with your receptionist. To make your office seem as welcoming as possible, you should always have a pleasant and positive receptionist on staff.
  2. Have an interior designer create a transparent workspace layout for your office. Yes, that includes having workstations with glass walls rather than non-transparent cubicle walls. Remember, the goal is to create an office space that’s pleasant, comfortable and easy to maintain. You want the office to be the second home of your workers, not their prison cell.
  3. Purchase plenty of ergonomic furniture. You can please your part guests simply from having good food, conversation and comfortable seating.

Providing good hospitality is about your ability to share your office in a way that’s accommodating your visitors and employees. This goes beyond having great holiday decorations and good entertainment. You need a party friendly layout for your office and mobile friendly furniture. With easy to move office desks and chairs, your workers can have fun bake off throughout the holiday season. You can gift the office a new dining table for the common area and a stylish conference table to prepare them to close big deals in the New Year.

You can count on Mark Downs Office furniture for effective, stylish ergonomic furniture you can have for the office just in time for the holidays. We have available both new and old ergonomic furniture that improves work flexibility and motion.

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