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How to maintain good physical fitness with ergonomic furniture and NEAT

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Are you trying to stay more physically fit but feel like you don’t have the time due to your busy work schedule? Well, we are here to help you stop making excuses about why you cannot stay physically fit. There are ways to stay fit at the office and we are here to tell you how.

If your job tasks consist of you seating in front of a computer screen or phone for hours, it may seem that you cannot get in a good workout during the 8+ hours of labor you perform at work. You cannot let your busy work schedule get in your way of staying healthy. Getting exercise daily is essential to maintaining good health.

Although you may not have the opportunity to vigorously exercise at work, you can perform NEAT activities. What are NEAT activities? NEAT stands for Non-exercise activity thermogensis and yes, NEAT is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

NEAT activities include walking, standing, lifting and cleaning. These activities are a way to help you burn calories. You can burn on an average 500-1000 calories a day. By doing NEAT activities you can relieve your body of pain and reduce stiffness you may feel throughout the workday.

Here are workouts you can do at the office to stay healthy and refreshed:

  • Use your office chair to stretch. You can stretch your arms and hold your position for 30 seconds. You can stress your legs and stand up for an extra 30 seconds. Do this at least once or twice every hour.
  • Instead of using the elevator at work, take the stairs.
  • Do yoga at your office desk. Yoga can improve your posture, core strengthen and lower your stress. You can tone up your muscles by doing leg circles and knee bends.

You can also purchase ergonomic furniture such as ergonomic desks and ergonomic chairs. It’s never healthy to sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day. You will experience severe headaches and lower back pains from sitting for extended periods of time.

To improve your quality of life, have Mark Downs Office Furniture consultants help you select the best ergonomic furniture for your office. With quality furniture, you will experience fewer sick days and work related injuries. With a new ergonomic desk and office chair, you will enhance your work productivity, while improving your circulation and posture.

We have available both new and old ergonomic furniture that improves work flexibility and motion.

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