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What are the benefits of ergonomic workstations?

ergonomic furniture

Are you searching for ways to make the office more comfortable for workers? You’re not alone. Businesses nationwide are noticing better work productivity in office environments where comfort is a top priority.

You can give your workers a competitive edge by providing them ergonomic workstations. Mark Downs Office Furniture is here to tell you all about the great benefits ergonomic workstations have to offer.

Ergonomic furniture can help business small and large increase workplace productivity.

How can furniture do this? Well, ergonomic furniture is designed to prevent employees from work related injuries.

When workers don’t have to miss time from work from injuries, a business has a better chance at:

  1. Increasing business operation efficiency
  2. Enhance work productivity
  3. And generating more profit

The most common work related injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers can also suffer from shoulder injuries and back injuries. Roughly 40 of workers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. 50 percent of all Americans experience some level of occupational injury every year. These common injuries can be easily prevented ergonomic furniture.

Ergonomic workstations come in both sit and stand setups. The sit workstation setup is perfect for workers that need to do plenty of typing for work. The standing workstation setup is best for work duties such as filing papers or other administrative tasks.

If your workers need more sit ergonomic workstations, we highly recommend purchasing workstations with ergonomic keyboards.

Ergonomic workstations can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of workers. Mark Downs Office Furniture has a variety of ergonomic workstations and chairs available at our showroom.

Overall ergonomic furniture for the office is a good investment because:

  • The furniture promotes healthier work environments by designing furniture made for increasing comfort to the body structure.
  • Workers are less fatigue when they use ergonomic furniture on the daily
  • You will have less workers taking sick days

Make sure all workstations have good lighting, comfortable chairs and plenty of legroom for employees.

You may also want to consider purchasing ergonomic PCS, laptops, and monitors to truly create a complete ergonomic office design.

Have lessons for employees about the importance of good posture and a healthy workforce.

Here are some of our ergonomic furniture items:

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