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Three Modern Office Design Trends

modern office

Being able to collaborate with coworkers is a big advantage of a modern office.

Offices have changed a lot over the past thirty years. The corner office is no longer the crowned jewel of the workplace. Employees are looking for places they can collaborate with their coworkers, and not feel confined to a cube. And yes, of course ergonomics play a huge role. Here are the three most common aspects found in modern aspects.  


While a little privacy every now and then is fine, workers today are looking for places they can share ideas and work with other people. The now ubiquitous term “open office” is used to describe an office that shuns private offices and cubes. Many people were hesitant when open offices first became popular, believing it to be an easy way for management to keep tabs on employees. In reality, an open office helps foster a team mentality and keeps everyone in the conversation.

Less Is More

Technology has gotten much smaller in recent years. Thinner monitors and towers mean employees can work with less space. This is great news for office designers and business owners. Smaller desks help utilize the space you have, without bulky technology, and furniture to house it, getting in the way. Trimmer, more mobile office furniture has become increasingly popular because of technology’s smaller size, too. Plus, mobile office furniture makes reconfigurations a breeze.

Bring the Outside In

While most businesses can’t afford a total office overhaul to install floor to ceiling glass windows on every floor of the building, there are other ways to brighten up the office. Using natural materials and patterns help give the office a natural feel. Even artwork of nature can make for a more peaceful and relaxed office.


We’ve talked about ergonomics a lot on this blog, so we’ll just give you a quick run down. Ergonomic office furniture helps improve your posture, which makes you healthier, healthier, and more productive. Ergonomics isn’t limited to chairs, either. Just about all office furniture can be thought of in term of ergonomics and how it benefits your health.

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