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Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive?

ergonomic office chairs

Office chairs may seem expensive at first, but they are really an investment.

If you’ve been tasked with ordering new chairs for your office you may have been surprised at some of the price tags you’ve seen. Office chairs usually run for a few hundred dollars a piece, but just looking at the price of a chair doesn’t give you the full picture. Office chairs are a vital piece of any workplace, and are built to stand up to daily use and last a long time. Plus, new furniture can increase productivity and change your company’s image. Here are a few tips for buying office chairs.

Think Like a Car Buyer

If you’ve ever bought a car, you know that the price is just one factor out of the many you need to consider. Is it new or used, what kind of gas mileage does it get, what does the warranty look like, and is it the right color? One of the biggest factors you may consider is how long it’s going to last. This is the mindset a smart buyer should go into shopping for office chairs with.

Recognize Your Needs

It’s important to think about what exactly you need before you start shopping around or worrying about prices. Do you need workhorse chairs that will keep your employees comfortable, happy, and healthy? Or do you need executive chairs that give a certain impression? You might even be looking to outfit your reception area or conference room. Whatever you’re looking for, you need to decide what your focus is and shop accordingly.

Try It Before You Buy It

This age old mantra is must have been first uttered with office chairs in mind. You never really know how a chair will feel until you actually sit in it. Try the adjustments and ask the salesperson about the materials used to make the chair, and, of course, the warranty. You would never buy a car without test driving it, so don’t buy office chairs with testing them out first!

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