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Is Office Artwork Beneficial?

Working in an office can become stagnant over a long period of time. Looking at the same walls and computer screen for weeks on end can kill the productivity and creativity of employees, leaving management to ponder who to help their teams. While some may think that office artwork can pose a major distraction, it has been proven that in fact office artwork holds many benefits. Some of the benefits that come with office artwork include the following:

  1. Office artwork can help give new clients and customers a positive first impression of your space and company. Office artwork shows that your company is creative while also providing an ice breaker when meeting with new clients and new staff.
  2. Several studies have shown that office artwork can help stimulate and inspire creativity among team members. This creativity can then turn into an increase in productivity as well as collaboration throughout your team.
  3. Keeping current artwork within your office can help your company stay current with the latest culture. Changing your pieces after so many months or years can also show that your company cares about its work environment and team.
  4. Office artwork is a cost effective way to boost team morale and increase productivity throughout the office space.



Mark Downs Office Furniture has a selection of wall art by photographer Sam Pathi to use in your office buildings. Sam is involved with each process when it comes to his artwork and has been involved with photography for over 40 years. Sam is able to capture images of Baltimore and Maryland that allows hard working individuals to experience Baltimore from their office. To learn more about Sam Pathi and his work, click here.

At Mark Downs Office Furniture, we specialize in new and used furniture to help turn your office into a collaborative space for your employees. From desks, to ergonomic chairs, to conference room tables, Mark Downs has everything you need to create a comfortable and welcoming work environment for your employees.

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