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What Makes a Productive Home Office?

Home-OfficeNow that telecommuting has become more popular within the business world, many companies are allowing their team members to work from home. Because of this, many staff members are beginning to create a home office to work from instead of simply working from a couch or dining room table. Use these tips to help create a home office that will allow you to be productive and focused on the tasks at hand.

  1. Allow your home office to be technology-friendly, but don’t let the amount of technology overrun your space. Chances are your home offices will a bit smaller than what a normal office space would be which means your space will become cluttered more easily.
  2. Find a balance of comfort and style when choosing your office furniture. Stylish pieces will help you work creatively while comfort will allow you to stay seated for longer periods of time.
  3. Add personal touches to your home office. After all, this is your home, so creating a space that is uniquely you will help add to your level of productivity while working from home.
  4. Keep your wires and cables organized to avoid any unnecessary clutter on your desk. The more clutter present on your desk means the more likely you will become distracted while trying to work.
  5. Never limit yourself to the amount of light within your home office. If your home office includes a window, organize your office so that you can utilize the most of your natural light source. If you are without a window, use soft lightbulbs instead of fluorescent options.
  6. If you have pets at home, allow them to enter your home office instead of keeping them out. Pets are known to help boost moods, so their furry presence can help boost your productivity throughout the day.
  7. Create a system that allows you to keep all of your papers and supplies organized. This will help your home office become more functional while allowing you to achieve more during the day.


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