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Purchasing Office Furniture Tips

An office space is only as good as its furniture. Without the proper office furniture, your office will be unable to run smoothly and team members will find their productivity levels lagging. This means that office furniture must be bought with care in order to ensure your team members are able to perform to their highest potential. Here are some tips when buying office furniture:

  1. New isn’t always better- When in the market for furniture, try to avoid limiting yourself to just new items. Used items can fit your office space perfectly while also helping to save you money.
  2. Consider size- Not only should you consider the size of the pieces you are purchasing, but also consider the size of your staff. If you know your office will only include 5 team members, you are safe to purchase large desks and chairs. However, if you know your team could grow in the future, it is important to think of how you will fit everyone in the work space provided. This means that smaller desks or communal work spaces should be implemented and considered when shopping for office furniture.
  3. What are your goals?- It is important to have the goals of your business in mind. The type and size of furniture you choose will depend largely on the type of business you conduct. If your staff works on individual projects, they will need personal work spaces. If your team collaborates often, they will need large and open spaces to conduct business.
  4. Colors- In order to make a positive and professional first impression, you should have your office furniture match with each other and your office decor. You shouldn’t randomly choose pieces for your office because of price, you should instead consider the general look and atmosphere of your office space.


At Mark Downs Office Furniture, we specialize in new and used furniture to help turn your office into a collaborative space for your employees. From desks, to ergonomic chairs, to conference room tables, Mark Downs has everything you need to create a comfortable and welcoming work environment for your employees.

Want to get started with Mark Downs? Search our website for furniture pieces or stop in to our showroom, located conveniently in Cockeysville. Have a specific question? Call us today at 410-771-6800 to speak to a trained staff member.

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