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Do You Need to Spruce Up Your Reception Area?

Office Reception Area

Your office’s reception area goes a long way toward creating a perception about your company.

Your reception area is, of course, the first impression you give to the world about your business. You need for it to be beautiful and stylish and interesting and send a strong and clear message about your company.

You also need for it to come in under budget. You are, after all, running a tight ship and while the overall look and feel of your reception area is highly important, it still takes a back seat to overall cost. So, how can you square the circle and have an impressive reception area with a finite budget?

Enter Mark Downs Furniture! We can provide all of the pieces to your reception area and work with you to fit within virtually any budget. There are several different items to consider when planning your reception area overhaul.

The Receptionist’s Desk

Your receptionist’s desk should have enough space to keep files at the ready as well as room for a printer or other work essentials. Many reception desks can cost thousands of dollars, but our reception furniture looks fantastic and provides plenty of room to work in without breaking the bank. Not only will your receptionist feel comfortable working at this desk, but guests will feel comfortable and welcomed.

The Receptionist’s Chair

Don’t underestimate how important your receptionist’s comfort is! A comfortable, happy receptionist will greet your customers more warmly and eagerly and provide a welcoming atmosphere. A truly ergonomic chair will help you create a friendly and professional reception area.

The Reception Area Tables and Chairs

Of course, your visitors will notice the chairs and table that they are using more than the furniture the receptionist is using, so good guest chairs and tables are the most crucial element.  Our incredible selection of affordable reception area furniture can beautify your waiting area and provide a positive perception before your visitors even meet you! And they will always appreciate the thought you’ve put into your reception area on their return visits.

Let Mark Downs Reinvent Your Reception Area!

Mark Downs Office Furniture is here to help you reap the benefits of a quality work environment. We are here to help you be a success in 2016.

Mark Downs Office Furniture is the largest display of office furniture in Maryland. We can help furnish home offices, office suites, and whole commercial buildings. We are known for offering the best values in new, used, and gently abused furniture: desks, chairs, files, tables, office panel cubicles and panel systems. Ergonomic chairs/ ergonomic furniture are our specialties! Come on in to our showroom. We’re worth the drive!

If you see something you like on our office furniture website, come to our Mark Downs Office Furniture store on 10912 York Rd Suite 300C, Cockeysville, MD 21030 today to find great home office furniture.

Contact Mark Downs at 1.800.281.3696, take a look around our website, and come on in and see us!


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