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3 Office Design Trends To Expect To See In 2018

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Discover office design trends coming in 2018.

When it comes to office design, it is always evolving, and there are constant innovations that help to increase productivity among employees.  As technology continues to get more advanced, so will office design.  If you are looking to improve your company’s office design, all it takes is time and patience.  Luckily, there a few office design trends you should follow going into the new year that should inspire you for your own office design plan.

Unconventional Work Environments

The days of every employee being secluded in their own office or cubicle are coming to an end.  Office design is evolving to more open space to give employees a chance to collaborate and communicate freely.  Unconventional work spaces are catering to millennial employees who favor casual environments instead of formal offices.  You will begin to see more offices shifting toward more living room design templates.

Green Is In

An ever-growing trend in office design is the implementation of natural elements into the work space to improve mood and creativity.  Companies are now working toward to infusing “green” element into every aspect of their business.  You will begin to see companies powering the office with renewable energy resources and even locally sourcing their food.  Business want to be as environmentally friendly as possible so that it will benefit their employees in the long run.

Bright, Bold Colors

One trend that you will definitely see in 2018 is the introduction of bright colors into your office design.  The days of formal color palettes are over; you will see less of whites and natural tones.  You will start to see companies implementing opposite colors on the color wheel in their office design such as blues and oranges.  Bold colors that contrast each other will bring dynamic and energy into your office.

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