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Why You Need Glass Desk Panels

Glass Desk Panels Mark Downs Office Furniture

Glass desk panels help create a protective barrier that will keep you, your employees, and customers at less of a risk.

Glass desk panels help create a protective barrier that will keep you, your employees, and customers at less of a risk. Mark Downs Office Furniture now sells many workplace protection products. From hand sanitizer stations to portable sinks and glass desk panels, we are happy to have products in our inventory that will keep your business safe. Social distancing is such a crucial part of staying COVID-free, which glass desk panels promote. Here is more detail about why you need glass desk panels.

Desk Panels are Flexible and User-Friendly

You can use desk panels on any desk. You can install, remove, or rearrange them (if necessary) with ease. The benefit of glass panel systems, in particular, is that they do not require drilling. It’s quick and straightforward to install this type of system. Glass panels can also be made to fit and adjusted to specific sizes. Cutouts in the glass are possible for card machines or payment points. 

Glass Desk Panels Offer Privacy

You can apply glass manifestation or film to your desk panels to add extra privacy. You can ensure that each desk has privacy between them without blocking out light or making a space feel overly crowded. Glass panels and film can help conceal sensitive information on a computer screen. If your office has an open floor layout, this factor will be especially beneficial. 

Glass Looks Good

The main point of having any protective barriers or shields is to mitigate the spread of germs, bacteria, and disease. However, glass is aesthetically-pleasing because it’s a modern and elegant material. Glass is also transparent and doesn’t block light. You don’t have to worry about the obstruction of any views, helping to maintain your open floor layout. Also, some business owners use film to complement their brand or add color to enhance the interior design or both!

Minimal Maintenance

The desk panels that our manufacturers provide are made of toughened glass, making them easy to wipe down. You can use most household cleaning products to wipe the glass down. Alcohol-based products are safe to use. Always read the label before using specific cleaning products. 

Does your office or business not have glass desk panels? Reach out to us today! Keeping your business afloat during these uncertain and challenging times means that you’ll put products in place that puts the health of your employees and customers and the mitigation of disease at the forefront. 

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