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Working From Home Tips From Mark Downs

Working from home tips Mark Downs

Make sure that you stay productive while working from home!

Working from home is by no means a new concept. However, due to COVID-19, people are now working from home on scales more massive than ever before. Two weeks ago, we discussed home offices and the importance of staying focused and creating a productive home office by purchasing particular furniture. Now, we’d like to offer some general tips on working from home that can benefit anyone. Read on!

Make Sure That Your Technology is On Point

If you’re going to spend all of your time working from home during this pandemic, it means that you need a lot of bandwidth. Also, having a laptop is super helpful, especially if you have a kitchen island. Are a lot of electronic files on your work computer? Chrome Remote Desktop is super beneficial! It allows you to access your work computer or laptop remotely from your home computer or laptop.

Depending on your home, trying to work from the dining room table may not be the most comfortable of options, so try your best to figure out how to make your work from home experience comfortable and convenient yet productive. Making your work from experience more comfortable may mean that you’ll need to order some things online, such as a laptop stand or standing desk. They’re pretty affordable.

How to Keep the Kids Occupied

Most people enjoy the idea of working from home and are now experiencing its benefits. However, trying to cater to your kids and focus can be challenging. Audible offers free, educational stories that children can listen to in six different languages. 

Get Ready to Work from Home Like You Work in the Office

This rule applies to anyone who becomes distracted effortlessly. Working from home allows you to move at a slower pace. You don’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of a commute. Still, what’s super helpful is to keep a routine. Putting on clothes, enjoying your morning coffee, and getting up at a fairly decent time will keep you productive.

On another note, for those who are very productive while working from home, remember to take a break. Enjoy a nice meal. Work out. Call a loved one. Take a sit out on the deck. Bond with your children. Regardless of what you chose to do, sitting in front of a computer for too long isn’t healthy. We’ve advised in the past that employees should take lunch breaks away from their desks. The same idea applies to the work from home experience. 

Furnish and Design Your Organized Home Office with Mark Downs

Mark Downs is happy to help you get the most productive, creative, and positive office environment possible through our office furniture and design expertise. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure your office is attractive, productive, and a wonderful hub of activity in your commercial facility. Stop by our Cockeysville showroom to see what we can offer or give us a call at 410-771-6800. To see examples of our work and what we are up to, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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