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COVID-19 Mitigation: Office Safety Tips

COVID-19 Office Protection Mark Downs Discount Furniture

Social Distancing discs serve as a guide that can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19

If you’re still working in an office or an essential worker, we have some valuable tips to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Here at Mark Downs Office Furniture, we offer workplace protection products that will make your workplace more sanitary. Do you handle cash? Do you work at a front-facing workplace where being around customers is unavoidable? Then, we believe you’ll find these office safety tips useful. 

Wash Your Hands Very Often

Wash your hands as much as possible. While hand sanitizer is useful, it does not replace washing your hands. Sometimes touching commonly used surfaces is unavoidable. For this reason, keeping your hands as clean as possible is essential. If you have to touch surfaces such as door handles, light fixtures, or want a cup of coffee, we suggest that you use gloves, a clean paper towel, or whatever you can to ensure your hands don’t directly touch a surface. Do you want to make handwashing easier? We offer portable sinks so that employees don’t have to walk to the bathroom frequently. 

Keep Hand Sanitizer on Deck

While it’d be ideal, employees can’t wash their hands every hour on the hour. Hand sanitizer is a perfect solution when hand washing is not possible. Here we offer hand sanitizer stations that come in sleek and even colorful designs. 

Keep Your Desks Sanitized 

We cannot stress enough times how vital it is to wipe down surfaces, especially desks consistently. Desks and commonly touched surfaces are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. The Wall Street Journal reports that desks have more bacteria than an office toilet seat. With this in mind, even if you work from home, make sure to keep your desk disinfected. 

Stay Secluded and Avoid Physical Touch

You’ve heard time and time again within the past five months how crucial social distancing is. Although commercial establishments are open, social distancing still matters. One way to friendly remind people to stay far apart and avoid physical touch is social distancing discs, which we provide. Displays and designs of any form that guide people on how far apart they should be can make your office or workplace that much safer. Grocery and retail stores have arrows pointing where people should stand to stay far apart. If you’re concerned that social distancing will be challenging to maintain in your workplace, we recommend social distancing discs, and of course, counter shields and face shields

Are you interested in purchasing workplace protection products to mitigate the spread of COVID-19? Reach out to Mark Downs today. 

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