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Whiteboards: Why Use Them?


Whiteboards are great for initial planning sessions or just some good old-fashioned doodling.

You might have read the title of this blog and thought, “Seriously? A whiteboard? What can a whiteboard do that I wouldn’t want to do online?” Well, we can tell you. Whiteboards offer an immediacy and physicality that working on a machine doesn’t offer. Keep reading and you can find out just exactly what a whiteboard can do for you and your office.

Fixed or Mobile

Fixed whiteboards have the advantage of being larger than mobile ones. With whiteboard paint, you can turn an entire wall into a functional workspace. Besides their size, there aren’t really any other advantages. A mobile whiteboard’s biggest advantage is its most obvious. Being able to move your whiteboard to different conference room or store it away when not in use is a big draw. Easel-style whiteboards give you the option of using either side of the board, effectively doubling the workspace. Plus, if you have an open floor plan you can move your whiteboard when reconfiguring your layout.


This may seem counterintuitive to the internet-laden world of today, but a whiteboard in a public space is a tool for collaboration. We can hear the cries of “But I can’t access it from my computer/tablet/phone/watch/tv!” already. That’s kind of the point. A whiteboard forces people to be in the same space at the same time in order to work together. Maybe it’s an outdated idea of what “social” is, but it works.

A Clean Slate

Some information doesn’t need to exist for all time on a hard drive or locked away in a filing cabinet. Sometimes you just need to workshop ideas, and when they don’t work get rid of them. That’s why whiteboards are so great! Workshop ideas, throw them up on the board, and wipe them away when you find one that works.

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