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Five Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

office design mistakes

Even a smaller office can avoid feeling cramped with a little planning.

Designing an office isn’t easy. There is tons of planning and forethought that need to go into it. While there are tons of guidelines on designing an office well, there needs to be a little more said about things that commonly aren’t done right. Here we offer five office design mistakes to avoid, and how to remedy them.

Poor Lighting

It’s not just about being able to see, it’s about how the light affects your employees and how it makes your office look. Artificial light that is too bright can cause headaches and anxiety, while light that’s too dim can destroy productivity and cause eye strain. The best option is natural light, but if you don’t have enough windows in your office try using light bulbs that mimic natural light.

Cramped Space

Being stuck at a small desk crammed in with other people working at equally small desks makes for one uncomfortable office. Effective planning is key to fixing this, not actual square footage. Using

Balance Public and Private

After experimenting with both all-private and totally open offices, the office design world seems to have come to the verdict that a balance of the two is best. Making sure employees have places to collaborate when necessary, and work by themselves when necessary will give productivity a huge boost.

Cohesive Design

An office with a haphazard and incoherent design will make clients think twice about working with you, and might even bleed into your employees work. A cohesive office design will not only look more professional, it will give you a chance to use your office as a branding tool.

Forgetting the Reception Area

The reception area is the first place clients, prospective client, employees, and potential new hires see when visiting your office. Make sure you spend enough time planning out a reception area that is inviting and offers a sense of your brand and corporate culture.

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