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New Year New Office Layout: Tips for Reconfiguring Your Office

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The start of the new year is the perfect time to rethink your office space layout.

Heading into 2017, offices across the country are starting to focus on office space planning. This is the time to review how efficient your office space planning is, and a time to review what you may need to add or get rid of to make things more efficient. Here’s a few tips for reconfiguring your office.

Add Natural Light

Natural light will make your office look livelier. But there are also some real benefits employees will start to notice when more natural light is added around the office. Natural light actually helps people see things better, and natural light is better for our eyes than fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is known to cause eye strain and headaches, which means employees aren’t as productive and workflow can slow down. There has also been studies that show natural light helps people feel more alert and less drowsy.

Utilize Space Effectively

One thing employees appreciate in an office is the ability to move around freely. There are certain spacing issues that can limit this, but there are ways you can open up the space in your office more to allow for increased mobility. Creating enough space to move around is also important for safety. If there was an emergency or a fire that occurred, everyone in the office needs to be able to exit the building safely and quickly.

Encourage Cleanliness & Provide Storage

Limited storage options can create cluttered desks and cause stress. It’s important to provide everyone in the office with storage options that help optimize space and keep things organized. And an additional benefit to providing storage solutions is cleanliness. If the office appears to be cluttered, that can encourage uncleanliness. Especially if you have clients visit the building, you need to make sure it’s clean and organized. You can create cleaning schedules, but leading by example is the best way to keep an office clean.

Comfortable and Quality Furniture

Financially, it may seem like purchasing cheap furniture is a way to save money. But in the long run, it’s actually going to cost you more. When you don’t have quality furniture in your office, it can lead to a lack of productivity for your employees. They will focus on how uncomfortable the furniture is as opposed to the work they are supposed to be doing. Also, furniture that is of poor quality can lead to health issues.

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