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Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned Office Furniture

pre-owned office furniture

Pre-owned office furniture is the economic and environmentally friendly option for your office

Whether you are looking to move your business into a new office building or want to swap out the old for the gently used, pre-owned office furniture is a great option. What are some of the advantages of purchasing pre-owned office furniture?

Cost Savings

Just like with buying anything pre-owned, one of the largest benefits is saving a large amount of money. Depending on the pieces you would like to purchase, you might be able to save over 50% off of the trail value. Most pre-owned office furniture sold through furniture stores like Mark Downs is barely used. They typically have been used only a couple years, have minor wear and tear, and look so nice that you won’t be able to tell.

Speed Up the Process

Choosing, ordering, and designing new office furniture can be incredibly time consuming. If time isn’t on your side, pre-owned office furniture is the way to go. Instead of waiting 4-6 weeks for your office furniture to arrive, get it within a couple days by purchasing pre-owned office furniture.

More for Your Money

If you buy brand new office furniture, it loses value quickly over time. Over the course of five years, your expensive new desk can lose over 25% of its value if you decide to resell it. If you purchase pre-owned office furniture, the value can be retained up to 75% at resale as long as you take great care of it.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Pre-owned office furniture is also a great way to help out the environment. Instead of sending old furniture to a landfill, you will be putting it to good use and helping extend its life. If you are looking at getting rid of old office furniture, see if minor repairs or repainting can spruce it up and extend its life. By taking small steps, your office can become a much more environmentally friendly place.

Pre-Owned Office Furniture from Mark Downs

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