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Cleaning a Leather Office Chair

Who wants an old, creaking, uncomfortable chair waiting for you in your office everyday? Dysfunctional leather office chairs can cause lower back problems that eventually lead to serious pain. This is why increasing how often you clean your leather office chair will substantially extend its longevity.

leather office chair

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Keepin’ Your Leather Office Chair Clean is Crucial

Leather is dehydrated animal hide cut and sewn onto a desired product. In terms of a leather desk chair, with frequent use, this product is going to become soiled easily. Taking the time to clean it will increase its lifespan. Let’s be honest, sporting around a pristine, shiny, well-taken-care of leather office chair will reflect well on you in the workplace. Let’s go over some crucial leather-cleaning steps.

  1. Let’s remove the crumbs: You will find (especially if you’re eating at your desk) that dust, crumbs, and other debris will embed themselves in the folds of your leather. Make sure that you start by vacuuming. The use of a soft brush is preferred, for harsher brushes might scratch your leather. Run the vacuum over the chair, making sure to get between cushions, cracks, or crevices. Once finished, be sure to wipe the chair down with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Mixin’ it up: Now that your desk chair is free of debris,  it is time to make your own cleanser. You can clean leather with basic household supplies (i.e. soap and water) or a store-bought leather cleaner. Check your chair for a tag with care instructions before you attack it. If you want to be really careful, test out your cleaner on a hidden part of the chair before taking on the whole thing. Take a mild liquid soap and combine it with warm tap water.
  3. Let the cleaning begin: It is time to wipe down your leather office chair. Wet a clean rag and start scrubbing! Be sure to focus on problem areas (maybe there’s a hot sauce stain from that burrito you had last week), and wipe down the entirety of your leather office chair. Once this is completed, take a dry rag and pat all moist areas dry.
  4. Condition the leather: Most leather office chairs require a means of conditioning the dehydrated animal hide. Add a small amount of olive oil to a dry cloth and condition away.

Letting loose? Don’t do it

Often times, from normal wear and tear, the bolts/screws of your leather office chair will come loose. If you can see this happening, do not ignore it. Waiting too long to tighten up loose screws can affect your office chair’s comfort, which will, as aforementioned, affect your physical comfort in the long run. Not only that, but if loose screws are ignored for an extended period of time, the chair could completely fall apart. At that point, what use it is to you?

Every Bit Counts

Leather office chairs have a plethora of working pieces for height adjustment, wheel mobility, rotation, and reclining. Making sure that all these pieces are consistently in working order is crucial to your office chair’s functionality. Make sure all wheels, levers, and recliners are free of dust, hair and other debris that could affect functioning. The addition of lubricators for these fine-motor parts will help preserve your chair’s longevity as well.

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