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5 Advantages of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

5 Advantages of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Used office furniture is the solution to this problem. Here are 5 great benefits to using pre-owned office furniture in your office design.

Being a small business is hard, especially when your budget is a lot smaller than your dreams. This is especially true when you’re designing your office. We all know that office design has a huge impact on productivity and employee satisfaction, and a big part of that is the furniture used to outfit the office. But most small businesses can’t afford thousands of dollars for a name brand executive desk or high tech ergonomically designed chairs. Used office furniture is the solution to this problem. Here are 5 great benefits to using pre-owned office furniture in your office design.

A Great Deal

The biggest benefit of pre-owned furniture is in the price. You are still buying an extremely stylish, durable, professional-grade design, but you are not paying full price. If you’d like to equip your office and your employees with cutting edge style or technology, like a standing desk or ergonomic chair, you can afford to without breaking your budget!


When you buy from a trusted dealer of pre-owned office furniture, there should be very little and preferably no damage to the pieces. This is because the dealer checks over the pieces before accepting them and they refurbish them as needed to like-new condition. It’s also because you’re still buying a very high-quality piece of furniture that is designed to stand the test of time, you’re just not paying full price for it.

Speedy Delivery

Buying pre-owned office furniture is often much faster than ordering brand new pieces. For most quality office furniture, once you order it, it still has to be made and then shipped to you. Instead, you could walk into our store and find what you need right away, no waiting and no worries.


It may surprise you to find that high-quality, name brand furniture can retain up to 75% of its value for 5 years. This means that if you buy your furniture used today and next year find that your needs have changed, you could resell it, recouping most of what you paid for it.  

Green Is Good

Buying used office furniture is like large scale recycling. Not only is it a commitment to maintaining your budget it is also a commitment to the future of our planet. Furniture that is reused is furniture that doesn’t end up in a landfill. And it is also furniture that doesn’t have to be made from new resources for your office. It is a decision that you can feel good about making.

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