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Tips for New Office Furniture Design

Your office furniture says a lot about you as a company. It’s important to have an office design that reflects your company’s values and gives your employees a place to be comfortable, while also offering them a space in which they can be productive and creative. There are always things to consider when searching for a new office furniture design. It all depends on your particular company and what kind of message you want to send across to clients and customers that visit your office. So, the question remains, how should you update your office?

  • Furniture that blends – Not only do you want your furniture to work together, but you want it to blend with your business. For example, companies that work with technology and are technologically savvy should take advantage of that and use the newest, most high-tech furniture available. Law offices, on the other hand, should look dignified. Using old wood and classic lines works great in a law office.
  • Don’t forget color – Colors that inspire cheerfulness and collaboration are great for decoration. Focus on using stimulating colors that are not too distracting, such as blues and pale yellows. Don’t forget to blend the color with the type of office you’re working in, either. Blending should always be a top priority.
  • Remember the bathrooms – Obviously you spend less time in the bathroom than you do at your desk; think about how much time you spend at work, though. Chances are you’ll have to use the restroom a couple of times while you’re at the office. Having a nice bathroom that provides a quick getaway from the desk can help immensely. Provide somewhere to sit (besides the toilet) and keep the bathroom clean and well lit.
  • Light up the room – Natural light is the best for employee health and productivity, but it’s important to have good lighting for those who are in the office early in the morning or after dark. Don’t neglect good lighting, as it will help your employees be more productive. Good lighting also alleviates problems like headaches in the workplace.

Make sure your office features match your office and never neglect to take employee input on new office furniture design.

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