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Three Things to Consider When You’re Picking Out Waiting Room Chairs for A Medical Office

A medical office is different than a traditional office

A medical office is different than a traditional office. For one, medical offices need to comply with safety and health standards by utilizing chairs that are antimicrobial and antibacterial. Due to this standard, choices are often limited. A lot of upholstery tends to use vinyl and fabrics as its components which are inexpensive, unlike the materials used for waiting room chairs within a medical office. If you are a healthcare professional, it is vital that make a smart purchase. Keep reading to learn about three things to consider when you’re Picking out waiting room chairs for a medical office.

1) Research the Upholstery’s Double Rub Rating

What is a double rub rating? The name may sound hilarious, but it matters. It’s a statistic that measures the fabric’s abrasion resistance. The process entails rubbing heavy canvas back and forth on the upholstery to test how durable it is. It’s an industry standard that’s purposeful to look into because medical offices often have high traffic. Therefore, furniture is susceptible to wear and tear.

2) Is the Potential Waiting Room Chair Antimicrobial/Antibacterial?

A microbe is a microorganism or bacterium that causes disease or fermentation. You don’t want this found on your waiting room chairs, especially not in a medical office where you’re trying to cure and prevent the disease from occurring in the first place. There’s even a vinyl grade tailored to medical offices. The great thing about healthcare grade vinyl is that it’s easy to clean which is vital in a high traffic office where a lot of people become sick.

3) Check The Colors of the Upholstery in Your Medical Office

If you are planning to purchase office furniture online, be careful. Resolution is often an issue when picking color choices. What this means is that when you look online, the color that you see may not be as bright or dark as you desire. You want to make sure that the chairs match whatever theme you have going on in your space. Therefore, it’s best to ask for samples when making online purchases and better yet, come into Mark Downs Office Furniture to find affordable options.

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