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Office Design Tips to Increase Productivity

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A well designed office increases the productivity of all employees.

Ensuring the productivity of your employees is essential to running a successful business. Office design is one of the most important elements when it comes to increasing productivity and guaranteeing great results, week after week. Finding the right office design to maximize your worker productivity is easier than you think if you use these simple tips.

Provide Space to Relax

Providing your workers with a dedicated space in your office design to relax can actually boost productivity. If workers sit at their desks all day, their productivity will steadily decrease as distractions take hold. Relaxation space will allow employees to take a brief break, stretch their legs, and return to their workspace refreshed and filled with productivity.

Offer the Option of Privacy

Just like importance of relaxation space, a quiet space is also important. When workers need to get into periods of maximum productivity and speed through their to-do lists, they need peace and quiet. Limiting distractions is an important part of a good office design, and offering more private spaces can help to solve the problem. Almost 20% of employees in a recent survey said that a lack of private spaces decreased their productivity when working in the office. Don’t let your office have 1/5 of your workforce doing less than they could with a better office design!

Clear Out Clutter

Unnecessary clutter in your surroundings, whether at home or in the office, can lead to a cluttered mind and an inability to focus. When your employees are in your office, they should feel like they can focus on what they need to get done and maximize their productivity. If they instead feel like they need to busy themselves clearing off the counters of the break room and re-organizing the stack of files on the reception desk, it’s a sign that clutter is holding your office back. Clear the clutter away and you’ll notice an immediate boost in the productivity of your workers.

Skilled Office Design to Boost Employee Productivity

Mark Downs is happy to help you get the most productive, creative, and positive office environment possible through our office furniture and design expertise. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure your office is attractive, productive, and a wonderful hub of activity in your commercial facility. Stop by our Cockeysville showroom to see what we can offer or give us a call at 410-771-6800. To see examples of our work and what we are up to, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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