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Let Your Healthcare Waiting Room Set the Tone

waiting room furniture

You’re waiting room should be inviting and comfortable, a comfortable place for patients to feel relaxed before receiving care.

Waiting room furniture plays a key part of the patient experience, which is being looked into like never before by health care providers. As the industry becomes less about sheer efficiency and more about catering to the human element of the equation, waiting rooms are coming under scrutiny for often being sterile, bland, or uninviting. Here are some things to keep in mind when transforming your waiting rooms into more patient friendly and modern spaces.  

Big Changes

Many designers are starting to bring about the end of large waiting rooms filled with chairs. Instead, providers are aiming for more family friendly and flexible spaces with changeable layouts and maybe even factoring in check-in kiosks and self registration. Others are downsizing waiting rooms, or doing away with them all together by having patients wait in exam rooms rather than a large room at any point.

More Person-Friendly Waiting Rooms

Across all types of facilities, a lot of effort is going into making waiting rooms as patient friendly as possible through design. Retail inspired furniture and niche-based arrangements are steadily becoming popular. Including kid friendly spaces as well as functional work stations, with different areas for different types of positive user experiences, is key. All of this requires different comfortable and functional furniture.

Getting Smart About Waiting Rooms

Providers are no longer simply looking to fill a space with some uncomfortable chairs and a few small tables and call it a day. Patient expectations and needs throughout their entire experience, is becoming ever more influential. Providers are trying to include necessary amenities that include considerations to improve, flow, communication, and overall patient experience from the time they enter until the time they leave. How this affects customers’ overall satisfaction and perceived quality of care is being studied. Designers are going far past simple function and beginning to consider the psychology behind all of their furniture and overall design choices.

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