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How to Choose an Office Chair

Office Chair

Your office chair is an essential part of your office space. Your office chair is where you spend most of your time while in your office, which means you need an office chair that is sturdy and of high quality. Choosing a cheap office chair could mean a lack of productivity in the office along with long term health problems. Here are some things to look for when choosing an office chair:

  1. Wheels- Choose an office chair that has the proper wheels for your office space floor. A hard wood floor requires softer wheels while floors that are carpeted require harder wheels. Choosing the proper wheels will allow you to maneuver easily in your office space.
  2. Height- An office chair should include the ability to adjust the height. When working at a desk, you should be able to adjust your height so that your feet remain flat on the floor with your arms at the same height as your desk. If you are sitting too high or low in adjacent to your desk, your productivity could suffer.
  3. Arm Rests- Arm rests are essential for preventing stress and strain on your body while sitting for long periods of time.
  4. Lumbar Support- Lumbar support is necessary if you will be spending long periods of time sitting. Supporting your lower back will prevent back pain and stress to your spine and other areas of your body. Different spines require different levels of lumbar support, which is why your office chair should allow you to adjust the level of support.
  5. Reclining Back- An office chair should allow you to lean back at about a 135 degree angle. This will allow you to relax your back after hours of sitting and release some of the stress and strain in your back.


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