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Building a Productive Home Office Space

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Creating a fully stocked home office can help your productivity.

In recent years, the popularity of teleworking — or working from home — has boomed. Partly in thanks to the rapid increase in millennials in the workplace, flexibility in working either at home or in the office has become more important than ever, leading to opportunities for a better work life balance. However, it’s not always easy to work from home when you’re comfortable and in a space that used to be just for relaxing and unwinding. Here are some tips to build a home office space that will keep you productive when you need to be.

First, Establish a Work Space

One of the hardest parts about working from home is, well, having to work while you’re at home. If you aren’t used to the two being the same place, it can be hard to stay on task. Creating a home office specifically for work can help distinguish the two. Moving into the other room, or at least to a secluded corner of a room, will give you the sense that you’re travelling to your office, and help you feel more like you’re at work.

Now You Furnish It

Remember to keep both function and organization in mind when choosing office furniture. As for function, be sure to have a desk and chair that will keep you both comfortable and focused. Your chair should be ergonomic to prevent distracting back pain, and your desk should be big enough to host your computer monitors, perhaps a desk phone, perhaps a desk lamp, and whatever else you may want or need to have on there. Also make sure that, if necessary, you have an adequate filing system to keep clutter off your desk. A messy and disorganized home office is not a productive one. Lastly, don’t be afraid to give it your own personal design touch. One of the greatest benefits of working from home, besides the flexibility, is that it is your house, after all. Decorate it however you want, so long as it isn’t distracting.

Transitioning to a home office can be tough if you aren’t used to working from home. Hopefully these tips will help you build a home office in which  you’re both comfortable and productive.

Building Your Home Office with Mark Downs

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