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Tips for Buying Classroom Furniture

classroom furniture

The right classroom furniture is functional, high quality, and the right size for your students.

The very way schools operate and educate continues to evolve and change. Classroom furniture is certainly not exempt from all of the major changes. Shifts in culture, technology, techniques, and students and teachers themselves are contributing to massive adjustments across the board. Classroom furniture plays a huge role in all of this, and the physical environment of classrooms has even been referred to as “The Third Teacher.” Keep these things in mind when choosing classroom furniture to create an accessible, welcoming, and modern setup that promotes learning.

Keep Mobility And Function In Mind

A more collaborative learning environment usually involves rearranging furniture to promote collaboration and support diverse approaches to teaching. Many new school facilities are being constructed with no built in furniture at all, and opting for multipurpose lightweight furniture instead.

The Correct Sizing Is Key

Children are unique in their shape and size, meaning that the furniture meant for adults will dwarf them and make them feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, but that simply shrinking adult sized furniture also will not do the trick. As musculoskeletal disorders rise in younger and younger groups, it becomes increasingly clear that the old one size fits all furniture is doing more harm than good.   

Choose High Quality Furniture

Children are often rough on things around them as they learn about their own strength and explore the world around them. In order to avoid excessive repair and replacement costs, choosing high quality and sturdy classroom furniture that can hold its own is of the utmost importance.

Choose Classroom Furniture That Promotes Health   

All classroom furniture should meet the health standards that require low levels of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. A lot of educational furniture is even starting to be given certain green certifications. These include Greenguard, NAUF, and FSC. These mean that furniture has been put together without any added formaldehyde.

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