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Organizing Your Office Furniture for Productivity

Organized chaos seems to be a myth. When your desk, furniture, and paper are in disarray, your work ethic declines. It is almost difficult to focus on the task at hand when other items are not in their proper places. Having quality office furniture and a sleek office design helps employees’ demeanor and productivity immensely.


The wrong office design can hinder productivity.

Organizing Your Office Furniture for Productivity

Make sure the office furniture is necessary for the type of work.


Why would you have segways in a small office space? Although loads of fun, toys are distracting and meaningless if they are not incorporated into your advertising or have a purpose in the office. They tempt employees to digress from work. Purchasing office chairs that don’t sink to the ground after a couple weeks also keeps the frustration level low. When desks and computer screens are at appropriate heights, work is most likely done more efficiently. This greatly benefits designers specifically, since the whole basis of that type of job is to be glued to the computer each day. Some companies have started investing in standing work stations to improve focus and overall health of employees. When we sit, we have a tendency to slouch and it weakens our muscles as we age.


Arrange office furniture for practicality.


Is the single copier in a random space just because it was convenient to put there when it was delivered? Do you have to walk through three different rooms to get to it? Placing a copier should be a strategic decision. The closer it is to the people who need it the most, the better. Employees may put off walking over to the printer so they can finish other tasks first. While allowing papers to get jumbled up in someone else’s stack, the employee also adds additional time and paper cost onto the task by having to duplicate the printing job. In some offices, there are specific task stations. For example, a print and mailroom can be a task station. Employees can find paper clips, staplers, extra pens, envelopes. tape, and any other small items otherwise lost in the shuffle of papers on desks. Having a work station saves money on supplies and allows ease of finding what the employees need.


Add color into your workday.


Improving office rapport is always an objective of managers. When employees are happy, management is happy, and when management is happy, the dollars flow in. Even adding color to the walls improves morale. Yellow is said to emit happiness and green promotes growth. Take window light, paint color, and layout into consideration when rearranging your office.


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