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3 Benefits of Using Dual Monitors In The Workplace


Discover the benefits of using a dual monitor setup at work.

When it comes to working in a modern workplace, you want to maximize your efficiency and be as productive as possible.  One of the best ways to achieve this is to take advantage of dual monitors while you are working on your computer.  Depending on your specific computer, you can work from two or more screens at the same time.  Discover the virtually unlimited benefits of investing in a dual monitor setup for your computer in the workplace.  

Increase In Productivity

One of the most attractive benefits of using dual monitors at work is an increase in productivity with completing tasks.  There have been multiple studies focused on the effects of dual monitors in the workplace.  According to a study conducted by the University of Utah and NEC, workers that used dual monitors showed a 10 percent in productivity and 20 percent reduction in errors.  Dual monitors allow for employees access more information and work on a variety of projects compared to using a single monitor.


Some people might think installing and using multiple monitors will be a difficult task and cause more problem than actually solving them.  Although, in reality, using a dual monitor system is much more simple than you might think.  Installing a second monitor doesn’t require extra software, and the setting for multiple monitors are located within the same controls as your individual monitor.  When using a dual monitor system, all you have to do is drag an application or browser from one screen to the other.  

Increase In Communication

Having a second computer screen at your office has the opportunity to increase communication, and allows you to connect with more people.  You can have one screen that is designated to your main assignments while the other monitor is for your email or social media platforms.  You can check your email and communicate with clients while working on projects that are designed for them.  

Skilled Office Design to Boost Employee Productivity

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