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Sanitizer Stations and Their Significance

Sanitizer Stations Mark Downs Office Furniture

Some of the sanitizer stations that we offer are stylish and sleek

Sanitizer stations have more significance than ever before! While handwashing is the more effective way to remove bacteria and germs from hands, sanitizer stations are super convenient, especially during an eight-hour day. These stations also benefit customers, clients, or anyone walking into your establishment. We offer more than office furniture. We offer the products needed to protect your office and keep that much safer and hygienic. Today we’ll detail the significance of sanitizer stations. We’ll also cover the areas where they should be within your building. 

Food For Thought: How Often Are Employees’ Hands Exposed to Germs? 

When employees write reports, touch a door handle, light fixtures, or a keyboard, they expose their hands to harmful germs and bacteria. These activities are unavoidable. However, handwashing, combined with hand sanitization, is an effective way to stop the spread of germs, bacteria, and illnesses. We also offer counter shields, face shields, and other office protection products for the ultimate office protection. According to a report by The BC Centre for Disease Control, 80% of common infections spread by the hands. Hand sanitizer is a useful tool to prevent the spread of germs according to both the CDC and WHO if you place them in strategic, high-traffic areas. Hand sanitizer doesn’t get rid of all bacteria, but it efficiently cuts down on them when the product is 60% alcohol-based. 

Best Locations for Sanitizer Stations

  1. Entrances/Exits- Just one doorknob could the cause of widespread illness. When you have hand sanitizer stations, along with disinfecting the doorknobs, light switches, and other places that people frequently touch, are the solutions to keeping office spaces and other establishments hygienic. 
  2. Break Rooms: Any area where food is present is a breeding ground for bacteria. Some of the germiest spots in commercial spaces are breakrooms and kitchens. Hand sanitizer is not a replacement, but it helps. 
  3. Employee Desks: Computer keyboards, a computer mouse, phones, and desks are all transfer points. Some employees also eat and drink at their desks. In this case, individual hand sanitizer bottles are an excellent idea. 
  4. Reception Counters: Any area where customers and employees interact should have sanitizer nearby. Placing a station here serves as a friendly reminder that cleanliness matters. 

The bottom line is that sanitizer stations are essential because they help your employees stay healthy. They also help your business’s bottom line in the sense where lack of productivity won’t be as much of an issue due to illnesses. You can also consider these stations to serve as marketing tools. When you have several of them placed in your building, it shows that you care about stopping the spread of germs, bacteria, and COVID-19. 

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