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It’s Time for Office Spring Cleaning!

office spring cleaning

Don’t be overwhelmed by office spring cleaning — it’s not that bad, we promise.

Spring has sprung and spring fever is alive and well at Mark Downs! Whether you’re on the hunt for a friendly office furniture supplier in Maryland or simply some advice on keeping your office neat and tidy, we wanted to offer our two cents as we get ready to tidy up around our offices, too.

Cleaning Office Furniture

As far as your office furniture is concerned, the two biggest items to add to your office spring cleaning checklist are cleaning wood and cleaning upholstery. Let’s tackle each of those individually:

  • Wood Work: It’s pretty likely that a lot of your office furniture is made from wood, or at least has some wood in it. It’s a classic. But what happened to that beautiful shine that your wooden desk or bookcase had when it was brand new? You can bring that shine and life back to that piece of furniture with a little elbow grease. A thorough cleaning with an approved wood cleaner will remove years of dirt and grime, and taking the extra step to apply a fresh stain or give it a hearty polish will really make it glow like new.


  • Upping Upholstery: Upholstered office furniture can be a bit tougher to clean because the fabric and stuffing of the cushions will hold onto allergens and germs more than a smooth wood surface will. If you’re using a leather cleaner, make sure you read the label thoroughly so you don’t end up damaging an expensive leather piece of furniture. As for cloth upholstery, a disinfecting spray will generally take care of germs and bacteria, while surface stains vary depending on the exact type of fabric. Check the piece for cleaning instructions, or check out this apartment blog for advice on cleaning upholstered furniture. Don’t worry, upholstered apartment furniture isn’t much different from upholstered office furniture.


Cleaning Up Around the Office

Don’t let your office spring cleaning efforts stop at your furniture! A clean office is a healthy and productive one, so take the time to tidy up. Disinfect commonly touched surfaces like door handles and break room items. Dust hard-to-reach or never-reached-since-you-moved-in surfaces like the tops of tall furniture and behind objects where you don’t normally look. Last but not least, it’s allergy season, so a pass-through with a vacuum will help suck up any pollen that may have been tracked in and is hiding in the carpet.

Cleaning Up with Mark Downs

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