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High Density Storage System Basics

high density storage system

Sliding mobile shelving is an extremely cost effective and space-friendly high density storage system.

If you work in an office that has a large amount of material to store and organize and not much space to put it in, high density storage might be the solution. What is high density storage and how can it help out your office or business?

High Density Storage System Basics

High density storage is just like high density housing—it allows more things to fit in smaller spaces by using the space innovatively Traditionally, high density storage consists of many rows of shelving that can be moved to create access aisles in between. Eliminating aisle space allows you more physical storage space while still being able to get to what you need. Compared with lateral cabinets or traditional shelving options, high density storage systems can offer the same storage in half of the space.

Types of High Density Storage Systems

There are many different types of high density storage systems available for your business depending on your needs. The three core types are:

  • High Density Storage Shelving
    • This is the most popular type of high density storage system. They can be used for small or large amounts of storage and are commonly used in commercial businesses, libraries, schools, healthcare facilities, museums, art galleries, public safety facilities, and military bases.
  • Sliding Mobile Shelving
    • This type of shelving is double depth, extremely cost effective, and well for small and medium amounts of storage. They are also used in the same markets and applications and high density storage shelving. Instead of moving around to create aisles, these slide around a set area to move a different shelf to the front.
  • Compact Pallet Racks
    • These are typically used in industrial and warehouse environments that need to store large things. You’ve probably seen this type of storage at Costco or warehouse stores. This racking system allows you to store a huge amount of product in not much space.

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